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Real Estate Legislation

Not only is the real estate sector becoming increasingly competitive, legislation governing real estate in South Africa is also becoming more onerous. As of 31 October 2015, all real estate agents in South Africa need to comply with the Estate Agents Affairs Board’s (EAAB) legislation, in order to operate as an agent. If you aren’t fully qualified yet, start your training today!

PropAcademy Can Help

PropAcademy is a real estate academy offering affordable real estate courses in South Africa. By drawing on our plethora of practical and training experience in the local real estate industry, we’ve devised a flexible online study program that enables you to study towards meeting the legislated requirements for estate agents, anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace.

Online Real Estate Courses in South Africa

Intern Logbook Courses

We offer several Intern Logbook courses in both the Residential and the Commercial & Industrial sectors. These innovative, convenient online Intern Logbook courses contain all the information, templates, plans, videos and guidance to prepare you to meet the Board’s Logbook requirements, first time, and to go on to become a successful professional real estate agent.

NQF Level 4 Real Estate (NQF4)

PropAcademy is an accredited provider of this 6-month online real estate qualification, which is legislated by the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) for all Interns to complete so that they can achieve Full Status/Property Practitioner.

Professional Designated Exam Level 4 (PDE 4)

An estate agent must be found competent in the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) PDE 4 exam in order to achieve full status. This is a regulated requirement that all agents must achieve. PropAcademy has designed a step-by-step online course to enable you to understand the fundamentals of this exam, ensuring you have all the necessary tools to pass.

Real Estate NQF Level 5 (NQF5)

Looking for a SSETA accredited NQF5 real estate course that you can complete from anywhere and whenever you like?  This PropAcademy NQF5 course is the perfect solution for you!  Available both as a full course and as RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), it comes with all the resources you’ll need to gain your NQF Level 5 qualification.

Real Estate NQF Level 4 Recognition of Prior Learning (NQF4 RPL)

The SSETA accredited RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) NQF4 real estate course can be completed from anywhere within a maximum of 12-weeks!   This PropAcademy RPL NQF4 course is the perfect solution for you!  Available as RPL it comes with all the resources you’ll need to gain your NQF Level 4 qualification.

National Certificate: Real Estate NQF Level 5 Recognition of Prior Learning (NQF5 RPL)

Want to achieve Principal Property Practitioner status in record time?  PropAcademy’s accredited facilitators and assessors are all trained to help you assess whether you qualify for RPL, and if you do qualify, this NQF5 RPL course is the perfect solution to help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible.

Real Estate PDE Level 5 (PDE5)

Looking for an EAAB PDE5 Real Estate course that will simplify the learning process for your exam? The PropAcademy PDE5 Real Estate course is designed to ensure that you can study to achieve your PDE5 qualification in your own time, at your own pace, and from anywhere.  Click to learn more and get started today…

EAAB & SSETA Qualifications Guide (Free Download)

EAAB & SSETA Qualifications Guide

EAAB & SSETA Qualifications Guide (Free)

Download our free legislated qualifications guide for estate agents. This guide includes an outline of the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) and ServiceSETA (SSETA) qualifications, how long it will take to complete the various legislated courses, and what could hold you up as you progress towards becoming a fully qualified estate agent.

EAAB & SSETA CPD & e-Learning Guide (Free Download)

EAAB & SSETA CPD & e-Learning Guide (Free)

Download our free EAAB & SSETA Continual Professional Development (CPD) and e-Learning guide for estate agents in South Africa. This guide covers numerous topics such as verifiable and non-verifiable CPD courses, the number of points allocated, costs, topics, e-Learning courses offered by the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB), and more…