How to Become a Registered Property Valuer

How to Become a Professional Property Valuer

There are many courses on the market which will help you understand the functions of a Property Valuer, but they do not automatically qualify you as a Registered Professional Property Valuer.  To register as a valuer with a financial institution, as an example, you must be a member of  SACPVP – South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession.

SACPVP regulates their members education, requires that the applicant passes their set examination, adheres to their code of ethics and keeps up with property legislation through obtaining annual Continual Professional Development (CPD) points.

Members must pay an application fee, registration fee and then an annual renewal fee.  There are different types of registrations:

Candidate Valuer: Your application requires that you are registered with the relevant tertiary institution for an accredited Valuation programme.

Professional Associated Valuer: You must supply a record of experience in the valuation field for the admission examination.  You must also supply proof of qualifications and attendance to the Practical Work-school.

Professional Valuer: A Professional Associated Valuer can apply to become a Professional Valuer  and to write the admission examination for Professional Valuers long as he/she has:

  • sufficient experience;
  • been a registered member of SACPVP for at least 3 years and
  • has a recognised four year degree

To qualify as a professional, the following is also required

  • One of the Examinations/ Qualifications mentioned below
  • Practical Work-school (offered by various service providers recognised by SACPVP)
  • Admission Examination for Professional Valuers or Admission Examination for Professional Associated Valuers.

Accredited Educational Programmes


The following educational programmes have been accredited to offer examinations recognised by Council:

(a) University of Cape Town (Department of Construction Economics & Management), any one of the following · BSc together with BSc (Hons) Property Studies (4 year degree), · Post Graduate Diploma Property Studies, or · MSc Property Studies Full Accreditation

(b) University of the Witwatersrand (Wits University) · BSc Property Studies (4 year degree) · Post Graduate Diploma in Property Development and Management · MSc in Property Development and Management Full Accreditation

(c) University of Free State Master of Land and Property Development Management M.L.P.M. (M Prop): Property Valuation-Conditional Accreditation

(d) University of Pretoria (Department of Construction Economics) · MSc: Real Estate, or · BSc (Hons) Property Studies together with BSc Real Estate Full Accreditation

(e) University of Johannesburg B Com Hons (Property Valuation & Management) together with one of the following: · B Com Finance; · Advanced Diploma in Property Valuation & Management; or · Bridging Course in Property Valuation & Management (Refer to the University) Full Accreditation

(f) University of South Africa- (UNISA) National Diploma Real Estate (Property Valuation) Qualification discontinued end of academic year 2011

(g) Cape Peninsula University of Technology · National Diploma Real Estate (Property Valuation)– new enrolment until 2017- Full Accreditation · Diploma Real Estate from 2018 Academic year—Offered as both contact and distance learning (Accreditation visit pending until 2021)

Disclaimer:  To ensure that your information is current we suggest that you access the SACPVP website highlight “Registration”, click “How to Register” and read through the processes.

15 replies
  1. Xolisa
    Xolisa says:

    Which are recognized overseas institutions that provide Property valuation studies. I want to be a registered valuer but SA institutions are far and those that are closer require class attendance.

    • Janet Alexander
      Janet Alexander says:

      Hi Xolisa, As you will note from the blog, accredited educational programs are listed. With the new Covid19 distancing, all learning must be provided by means of distance, online and eLearning. So please do contact the provider and find out what their new strategies are.

  2. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    Hi Dwijesh. Thank you for writing in. You would need to contact one of the above-listed providers to ask them what their requirements are. We have a short Property Valuation course, available to anyone with or without an NQF4. This will not be sufficient to become a registered valuer, this will however enable you to value a property with much more knowledge and confidence.

  3. Phillemon
    Phillemon says:

    I would like to enrol for an elementary short course in property valuation
    Please send me a prospectus or refer me to an institution offering such.

  4. Hannes
    Hannes says:

    Hi and to whom it may apply

    I gained 9 years exp , being a property assessor for two leading banks together , immediately after receiving my
    diploma in Architecture 1994. (N.Dip Arch).
    Would I receive any credit for that , looking at maybe enrolling for the coarse” Rear Estate Property Assessor”. If so
    , how will it affect the coarse (via distant learning) ??

    • Janet Alexander
      Janet Alexander says:

      Hi Hannes. I missed a comment from you 22 Feb, apologies! It seems that you have a 4 year degree which is equired to become a registered valuer with SACPVP, details in the blog, and yes if you became a registered valuer with them they would look at your degree and apply credits. The course you have enquired about does not hold SAQA credits. Hope this helps,

  5. Rofhiwa Ramalisa
    Rofhiwa Ramalisa says:

    Hi, I have a Bcom accounting and postgraduade diploma in accounting qualifications. I want to be a registered valuer. What is my next step?

  6. Lauretta Tlholoe
    Lauretta Tlholoe says:

    Hi, I have a postgraduate business Management I want to be a registered valuer. What is my next step is there any short course I can study?


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