Commercial & Industrial Courses

The Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority, the PPRA, has regulated qualifications across the real estate sector, including the Commercial & Industrial space.  These PropAcademy qualifications have been accredited by QCTO and Services SETA.

These qualifications include entry courses for all property practitioners as well as qualifications to become a Principal Practitioner and other vital courses and qualifications required in the commercial industry.

First, you must be compliant with your entry qualifications which are the intern logbook PPRA PoE, the NQF Level 4 Real Estate and the PDE4 exam. All commercial agents must then gain specified knowledge in their field.

PropAcademy has several courses you can choose from:

Commercial & Industrial Courses for Estate Agents in South Africa

R35,000 ex VAT
24 Months

NQF Level 6 Facilities Manager

Enter the multi-billion Facilities Management arena where skills are scarce and salaries highly competitive. This two-year course carries 262 SAQA credits at NQF level 6. Once you have completed this course, you will write an exam with the regulatory authority, SAFMA, to earn your certification. The prerequisite to taking on this opportunity is having an NQF4 qualification.

R8,500 ex VAT
8 Weeks
Commercial Property Management Course

Commercial Property Management Course

This skill-enhancing course is presented practically, aimed at teaching aspirant property portfolio managers the full spectrum of commercial property management so that they understand the various career paths that may be open to them.

R800 ex VAT
30 Days
Commercial Sale & Lease Contracts CPD Course

Commercial Sale & Lease Contracts Course

This 30-day eLearning course outlines the requirements of a Commercial Sale & Lease Contracts. It empowers the property practitioner with the knowledge to advise his client on how best to structure the investment for maximum return.

R790 ex VAT
1 Week
Commercial Building Management Course

Commercial Building Management Course

All Portfolio Managers must understand the implications and responsibilities of managing a commercial or retail property like a shopping centre. This one-week course explains the ramifications of not understanding the Occupational Health & Safety Act and guides you through all aspects of managing your Landlords asset.

R1,990 ex VAT
3 Weeks
Commercial Landlord & Tenant Relationships Course

Commercial Landlord & Tenant Relationships

This three-week skill-enhancing course explains the relationship that must be maintained between a landlord and a tenant in a commercial or retail property. The Practitioner will learn how to analyse, evaluate, apply marketing, administer and manage the landlord and tenant-related functions.

NQF6 Facilities Manager

The NQF6 Facilities Manager qualification offers 262 SAQA credits and will take you less than two years to complete.  It will allow you to confidently grow your business as a commercial facilities manager exploring both horizontal and vertical career paths in this sector.

To take become a qualified Facilities Manager click the “Take this Course” button below and start your Facilities Manager course now!

Commercial Property Management

This valuable course includes all the information required to become a Commercial Property Manager.  This eight-week course is made up of eight modules which cover commercial marketing, contracts and administration.

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Commercial Building Management

Commercial Building Management is a component of Commercial Property Management and shows you what systems and strategies you can apply to manage a building, ensuring that the landlord’s asset is well managed and achieves its required returns.

To enrol in this one-week course please click the “Take this Course” button below and start your Commercial Building Management course now!

Commercial Sale & Lease Contracts

This course has been compiled by an attorney who specialises in property contract law and will give you knowledge so that you can read and compile contracts and know what clauses must be inserted to give protection to all stakeholders.

To take this one-month course, click the “Take this Course” button below and start your Commercial Sale & Lease Contracts course now!

Commercial Landlord & Tenant Relationships

Landlord and Tenant Relationships course are modules taken from the Commercial Property Management course.  This course is designed for brokers who want to enhance their knowledge in forming relationships with important stakeholders.

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