10 Steps to Property Development

10 Steps to Property Development

Property development in either the residential or commercial fields are key to obtaining an exclusive  mandate from a developer for multiple units.  This mandate will result in sales, re-sales, rentals and an opportunity to manage the scheme.  The spin off of business from one mandate is multiple.

All property practitioners in South Africa must understand the development process, even if they are not part of a particular development scheme.  This knowledge will help you to sell the end product to an investor.

In this course we unpack:

  1. Tips from property moguls
  2. How to source suitable development land
  3. Applying that property to end-user demand
  4. How to source a suitable investor
  5. Putting the professional team together
  6. The building process
  7. Opening the sectional title register
  8. Ensuring the corporate body is managed correctly
  9. Sales and marketing to end user
  10. Managing the process until the last unit is sold

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NQF Level 4 Real Estate RPL

NQF Level 4 Real Estate Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Course

Further Education & Training (FET): National Qualification Forum (NQF) Level 4 Real Estate RPL

The Property Practitioner Regulatory Authority (The Authority) has regulated that all property practitioners must become qualified within two years of purchasing their Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC), or they will be disqualified and unable to trade.

To qualify for RPL in your NQF4 qualification, you must have been a registered FFC holder. You must have a South African ID document or permanent residency, a matric certificate that states you have passed Mathematics and two South African Languages, or NQF4 in mathematics and second official South African language. PropAcademy offers bridging courses for mathematics and literacy should you not have these qualifications. You will complete these bridging courses after completing your NQF RPL course, not prior.  External training in industry-related subjects is necessary, and you must be currently employed and active in the real estate environment.  To see if you qualify, click on the take this course button below to do a short quiz.

PropAcademy’s SSETA accredited NQF4 RPL course makes it easy for you.  We provide you with easy to follow material helping you to complete your course within a maximum period of 12-weeks.


PropAcademy’s accredited facilitators and assessors are all trained to ensure that you achieve your goal in record time.  Because we understand the RPL system that ServiceSETA has implemented, we are equipped to help you complete the course as quickly as possible to advance your career in the real estate industry as a qualified Property Practitioner.

‘NQF Level 4’ is the National Qualification Forum: Level 4: Real Estate (SAQA QUAL ID 59097) qualification that all property practitioners must complete.  If you qualify for RPL, you can take our NQF4 RPL course, which can be completed within 12-weeks.

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NQF Level 4 Real Estate

Further Education & Training (FET): National Qualification Framework (NQF) Level 4 Real Estate

The good news is you can register for our Real Estate NQF Level 4 online and start as soon as your order is complete, you will have a maximum of 6-months to complete this course.

NQF 4: 150 Credits

This Qualification is for any individual who is or wishes to be involved in the property and real estate industry. ServicesSETA (SSETA) governs, controls and monitors education standards.  Our real estate industry falls under SSETA Trade and Industry. It is legislated that to be a full status real estate Property Practitioner, you must be found competent in the outcomes-based NQF Level 4 Real Estate.  This qualification has 150 credits, which equates to 1 500 notional hours (study hours needed to complete the course). SSETA require 30% of the time spent studying to be in the form of face to face and to satisfy this need we supply monthly webinars which you must attend.

The NQF 4 six-month course is not daunting. It will provide the broad knowledge, skills and values needed in the Property and Real Estate sector. We’ve designed it so that you can easily complete the qualification at your own pace within the allocated time. The course material is online, systematic and easy to understand.  It is made up of three components being knowledge, practical and workplace evidence.  Knowledge questions are in the form of a quiz, the practical questions will be typed into the answer box provided and lastly, the workplace evidence will be uploaded.  We supply clear instructions throughout the course, in the form of checklists and videos.  We intend to ensure that all our learners complete their courses quickly and Team PropAcademy is on tap to assist.

If you cannot provide proof that you have passed Mathematics and a 2nd South African language at a Matric level, then you will need to purchase and complete the relevant bridging courses through PropAcademy. The NQF Level 4 Functional Mathematics Course and/or the NQF Level 3 Literacy Course. These bridging courses carry specific unit standards that are essential to obtaining your NQF4 and cannot be exempted against based on equivalent subjects passed in other qualifications. It is important to note that these bridging courses should only be completed once your NQF4 course has been completed.

Certain qualifications require you to have the support of a mentor who will sign your submissions off. A Mentor is a Full Status Agent who has held this status for 3-years or more, or a Principal Agent. Your mentor will have a contact session with you once you have completed each of your Learning Units. Once he or she is satisfied that you have the required subject knowledge and can apply it to fieldwork, he or she will sign off your mentor report. If you do not have a Mentor you can read more about the mentorship service we offer and add this service to your cart before you click “add to cart”.

Rest assured PropAcademy is here to help you every step of the way. We’ll guide you and catch you if you start to fall… you can have peace of mind knowing that with us, you are in good hands.

To qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in this qualification you must have held a FFC for no less than 12-months, and be able to perform the required outcomes of the full course.  To see more, please access our NQF4 RPL course and follow the prompts. If you think you may be exempted from the qualification entirely, then click here to read more.

Once you are competent in this qualification and your Intern Logbook, you can book your PDE 4 exam with the EAAB. We offer a course before this exam to help refresh your knowledge so that you, once again, have the ability and confidence to sail over this hurdle and become a fully-fledged real estate agent.

At PropAcademy we pride ourselves in giving service to our learners. To buy this NQF 4 Real Estate course click the “Take this Course” button and get started today! You will have a maximum of 6-months to complete this course.

The training yesterday was excellent and all the agents thoroughly enjoyed it. You really simplified everything for the team and made the somewhat daunting task of completing the qualification whilst working full time seem a lot easier to comprehend. Thanks again for all of your effort and we are really looking forward to completing the qualification and to move onto the NQF5.

The course content is really good.  PropAcademy guided me throughout the way. They gave me feedback of my work I submitted same time. The tutors are very helpful and very friendly. PropAcademy is the way to go.

A Big thank you to PropAcademy who was instrumental in helping me attain my NQF4.

All the staff and trainers were very helpful, competent, and made it an enjoyable learning experience. I am proud to  recommend PropAcademy to anyone wanting to further their studies.

NQF Level 6 Facilities Manager

Facilities Manager Course

102147: Occupational Certificate: NQF Level 6: Facilities Manager

Facilities Management is a fully-fledged profession within the property industry.  It plays a critical role within an organisations strategy, structure and processes giving you a holistic and comprehensive skill for a profession which is in demand.

Duration: This course allows 24 months for a new entrant into the industry to qualify.  If you have worked in the FM industry or if you have other qualifications and degrees in the FM space, then you may qualify sooner.

The Facilities Management course consists of 7 Learning Units covering:

LU1:  Concepts Underpinning Facilities Management

  • Generic Management Concepts
  • Basic Business Management Concepts

LU2: Fundamentals of Facilities Management

  • Role and Scope of Facilities Management
  • Business Sector Analysis and Stakeholder Relations
  • Fundamentals of Business Optimisation

LU3:  Principles of Facilities Management Strategy & Policy Development

  • Facilities Management Strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Facilities Management Policy

LU4:  Facilities Manager Leadership & Management

  • Project Management
  • People Management
  • Change Management

LU5:  Moveable & Immovable Asset Management

  • Principles of Services Management
  • Maintenance Strategy for Services Management
  • Utilities Management
  • Record Keeping

LU6:  Procurement & Contract Management

  • Procurement
  • Contract Management

LU7:  Corporate Governance & Business Continuity

  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Financial Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Environmental Impact Management

The questions and assignments are divided into three categories being Knowledge, Practical and Workplace Evidence.  Assessments are continuous and based on a series of knowledge quizzes, practical assignments and workplace evidence, all completed online.  An external summative assessment or final exam is conducted through the relevant Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO), Assessment Quality Partner, SAFMA (South African Facilities Management Association).  SAFMA has been appointed to hold this assessment which is required for the issuing of the qualification.  There will be a registration cost for this exam which SAFMA sets on an annual basis.

Facilitation events are held monthly where you must book your seat and ensure that you attend.

Facilities Manager: 262 Credits

The outcome that you can expect from this course will enable you to confidently grow your status as a commercial facilities manager and explore both horizontal and vertical career paths in the industry.

If you want to advance your career in real estate, click the “Take this Course” button below and start your Facilities Manager course today!

PDE Level 5 Real Estate Course (PDE 5)

Professional Designated Exam Level 5 Course (PDE5)

All property practitioners in South Africa who have achieved competency in their NQF Level 5 qualification and registered with the PPRA as Principal Property Practitioners must write and pass their PDE5 exam within two years to maintain Principal Status.

This exam is set by the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA).

The 4-hour PDE5 exam covers all knowledge and practical applications you have studied in the field, as contained in your NQF 5 learning material that you purchased from the PPRA or borrowed from a fellow practitioner.

To help you through this process, we’ve developed an innovative e-Learning PDE5 online course for all property practitioners in South Africa.  This online PDE5 course, over and above covering the requirements set out by the PPRA, will provide you with templates, examples of past exam questions, study tips, and knowledge. It will also guide you on where to concentrate your studies in the material provided by the Board, easy to follow calculation and statistic sheets.

Good News passed my PDE 5 exam!  Thank you for all the assistance

I just want to thank you and PropAcademy with the course that I took on the PDE5 examination.  I is with great gladness to tell you that I have passed my PDE5

Exam.  Thank you very much for all your assistance.

I just want to thank you guys for helping me through the PDE5!! PropAcademy you rock!

To maintain your Principal Status, click the “Take this Course” button and start your journey today! This course is valid for 6-weeks.

NQF Level 5 Real Estate RPL

NQF Level 5 Real Estate Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Course

National Qualification Forum (NQF) Level 5 Real Estate RPL

Welcome to the RPL process for NQF5 Real Estate!  This qualification is for any individual who is already involved in the property and real estate industry, and it serves to support and advance real estate agents to principal agents who manage a real estate business.

To qualify for RPL in your NQF5 you must be a registered FFC holder, have proof of managing an agency and be competent in FETC: NQF4 Real Estate & PDE4. If you believe that you should qualify for RPL, then please complete this quiz.

If you have the above credentials, then let us help you through the NQF5 RPL course in a maximum of 12-weeks!


The purpose of this RPL Portfolio Guide is to provide you with guidelines on the preparation and presentation of the RPL Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) for assessment purposes.  PropAcademy is an accredited assessment centre.

How long will this take me is key – and this depends very much on how structured your study time is and how quickly you can collect your evidence.  You can take a maximum of 12-weeks to compile your PoE, you are welcome to submit this to us sooner. Once done your file will be assessed by PropAcademy, moderated by PropAcademy and verified by SSETA.

If you believe that you should qualify for RPL, then click the “Take this Course” button below to complete the quiz and proceed to purchase this 12-week course.

NQF Level 5 Real Estate

20188: National Certificate (NC): Level 5 Real Estate

NQF5 Real Estate Course

If you are not an acting agent, and you want to get your NQF5 in Real Estate you can start straight away as long as you have your NQF4 exemption or competency, and the requirements listed below.

If you want to become a Principal Property Practitioner, you have to be found competent in your Logbook, NQF4 Real Estate, PDE4 and your NQF5 Real Estate. Then you can register as a Principal and you will have 2-years in which to write and pass your PDE5.


  1. You either have your NQF4 competency or, if you were exempt from the NQF4 then you will need to supply proof that you have passed Mathematics and both South African languages at a South African Matric level, if you cannot do this, you need to take the relevant bridging courses. Maths and Literature bridging courses are available through PropAcademy.
  2. SA ID or passport
  3. A Mentor: a mentor is a registered estate agent, who has 3 years of experience as a Full Status Agent or is a Registered Principal. This mentor will sign your file off, we will still support you through your course.

PropAcademy’s accredited NQF5 6-month course makes it easy for you.  If you follow our proven process, you should gain your qualification in just 6-months.  We provide you with learning materials as well as video recordings and live webinars.  And because we believe that your success is our success, we will support and guide you through the entire learning process.

NQF 5: 135 Credits

PropAcademy’s accredited facilitators, assessors and moderators are all trained to ensure that you achieve your goal in record time.  Because we understand the systems that ServiceSETA has implemented, we are equipped to help you successfully complete the NQF5 programme as quickly as possible, so that you can advance your career in the real estate industry as a Principal Estate Agent.

‘NQF Level 5’ in Real Estate (SAQA QUAL ID 20188) is a qualification that must be completed by principal estate agents.  It could also be any other relevant qualification deemed to be equivalent to the National Certificate: Real Estate in accordance with the Exemptions Matrix approved by the EAAB.

I am extremely happy to have done my NQF Level 5 through PropAcademy and proud to say that I was successful. Your service and feedback is of the highest quality. I am definitely going to tell my future Agents to choose your organization to further their studies. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Thank you all so much for all your assistance throughout the course. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone.

Thank you to the PropAcademy team for their friendly assistance during my NQF5. I found the online qualification to be user friendly and convenient especially as I am not living in a major centre. The compilation and administration of the material is quite a major component of the qualification and the ladies were very helpful and flexible in assisting me with this.

PropAcademy iskole ongasithemba, esihlale senza, abafundi bakhona bejabule makuza ezifundweni zeNQF4, Log book and NQF5, bayaqikelela ekusizeni abafundi ukuthi bakhiqize iqophelo eliphezulu kulezizifundo ze property ayigcini ngokusiza abafundi kodwa isiza nabantu abaseceleni nanoma ingaluphi usizo abaludingayo ngezezindlu.


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PDE Level 4 Real Estate Course (PDE 4)

PropAcademy has designed a self-paced online course so that you can easily understand the fundamentals of this exam, giving you all the necessary tools to pass it.  All you have to do is take this course! All estate agents in South Africa who have achieved competency in their EAAB Logbook and NQF Level 4 in Real Estate  (NQF4) must complete their Professional Designated Exam Level 4 (PDE4) to achieve Full Status/Property Practitioner.

Should you not achieve Full Status within the regulated period of two years from date of issue of your initial FFC, you may lose your licence to trade and this could negatively affect the FFC of your firm.

The Authority’s (Estate Agents Affairs Board – EAAB) PDE4 exam will verify your knowledge of all aspects of the NQF4 59097 qualification. It is a 4-hour online open-book exam scheduled quarterly throughout South Africa.

This course gives you vital information you can use in the exam:

  • Support from our experienced team of facilitators
  • Knowledge in all aspects of property
  • Templates for Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Costings, Budgets and many more
  • Examples of past exam questions with model answers
  • Schedules of calculations, statistics and easy to use flash cards
  • Interactive webinars, explainer videos and study tips.

I  would like  to  thank PropAcademy for all the assistance with my exam. The material  given to me by PropAcademy  was  a  game changer.  A lot of the questions were  asked word  for word. The  answers  were  in my file. I  will  be back when I apply  to  write  PDE5.

I would like to express my gratitude and award you and the staff with massive compliments in the process of obtaining my PDE4 accreditation. Without the support and patience during the process.

Thanks to PropAcademy, the motivation & encouragement.  Never would have done it without you guys

I would like to thank PropAcademy for the guidance and hand holding so as to ensure that I ( turning 65 in July) managed to complete the PDE4 exam successfully at my first attempt at the May exam.  This was only possible due to the fact that with your training being so thorough that I was able to even overcome losing 79 minutes of online exam time trying to log in. Yes 79 minutes short, I managed to answer 33 of the 40 questions and passed. This can only be put down to the fact of how well I was guided and prepared by your colleagues for the exam.

I would like to say thank you very much for your efforts, I am definitely sure I wouldn’t have passed my exam without your help, I believe prop Academy is the best institution ever.

Thank you, PropAcademy and all the staff members.

I recently passed my PDE4 and NQF4 thanks to your amazing classes and am now Manager at Maxprop Umhlanga!!

Your course is really excellent, I was very well prepared.

I just wanted to say thank you Courtney, for the assistance over the last couple of weeks, and to please extend this to the remainder of your team. The course material and service that was provided for the PDE4 Exam by PropAcademy was outstanding! I was thoroughly prepared for the paper. So much so that I had other candidates, who had been on workshops and done courses with other service providers asking me questions prior to starting.

Ek het die indeks gebruik asook die vraestel. Al die notas en flashcards het baie gehelp.  Alles van PropAcadamy was versker nuttig. Baie dankie nogmaals.

Click the “Take this Course” button below to purchase this estate agent PDE4 course today! This course is valid for 6-weeks.

PPRA Logbook: Residential Premium Course

Intern Logbook Residential Premium Course

As a Candidate Property Practitioner in South Africa, you must complete your Logbook Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) or EAAB Intern Logbook, as it is sometimes referred to, within 12 months from the date your Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) is issued. The PropAcademy PPRA Logbook: Premium course is designed to enable you to complete the two key sections of the Logbook requirements – knowledge and projects – within three months. After that, you can add to the logbook during the remaining nine months, allowing you to put this statutory requirement behind you and get on with dealing with property.

To help candidate practitioners through this often complex and confusing process and kick-start their career, we’ve developed a series of innovative e-Learning courses: the PPRA Logbook: Premium course, the PPRA Logbook: Knowledge course, and the PPRA Logbook: Projects course.  Remember that you must be mentored by your Principal Practitioner or a Practitioner who has held this status for more than three years throughout your internship.

Some practitioners have partially completed their Logbook requirements and are under pressure to perform. We have designed the PPRA Logbook: Knowledge and the PPRA Logbook: Projects course, which can be taken separately as required. The PPRA Logbook: The premium course covers the content of both the Knowledge course and the Projects course.

The PPRA Logbook Premium course is fully modular, each module dealing with a specific topic. The knowledge component of the course provides training material that must be read and understood and short, simple quizzes that must be completed successfully at the end of each module before moving on to the next.

Once this has been done, you can progress to the Projects section of the course. A total of 10 Projects are provided as individual modules, along with PropAcademy-developed templates. Each project must be treated as a separate assignment, using the templates to help you every step of the way. The modules are easy to follow and give you a “hands-on” connection with PropAcademy.

Why buy this course?  It’s quick, detailed, easy-to-understand and can be completed online, enabling you to complete it from anywhere in South Africa.  We pride ourselves in our after-purchase service.

I was extremely nervous in entering the real estate industry, especially with all the new qualification regulations.  With assistance from PropAcademys team my fears have disappeared, and I feel exuberant about my future in this field – eLearning is simple and so easy to do in your own time.  When I get stuck PropAcademy is there to hold me up and encourage me.  Thank you PropAcademy!!

Wow I am having so much fun learning with PropAcademy! The way it is set up is so user friendly. Love it!

Click the “Take this Course” button to purchase the PPRA Logbook Premium course for real estate agents today! This course is valid for three months.