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10 Steps to Property Development

Property development in either the residential or commercial fields are key to obtaining an exclusive  mandate from a developer for multiple units.  This mandate will result in sales, re-sales, rentals and an opportunity to manage the scheme.  The spin off of business from one mandate is multiple.

All property practitioners in South Africa must understand the development process, even if they are not part of a particular development scheme.  This knowledge will help you to sell the end product to an investor.

In this course we unpack:

  1. Tips from property moguls
  2. How to source suitable development land
  3. Applying that property to end-user demand
  4. How to source a suitable investor
  5. Putting the professional team together
  6. The building process
  7. Opening the sectional title register
  8. Ensuring the corporate body is managed correctly
  9. Sales and marketing to end user
  10. Managing the process until the last unit is sold

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