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Commercial Building Management Course

Commercial Building Management

The outcome of this 1-week course will be enhanced knowledge of what systems and strategies to apply when managing a building, from being on the floor to ensuring the asset is well maintained.

Building management examines the duties and obligations of the commercial property manager.  We will discuss maintenance procedures, the procurement of external service providers and most importantly, how to manage those service level agreements to obtain maximum output.

We discuss two very important parts of building management, giving true examples.  These are:

  • the Occupational Health and Safety Act and
  • the insurance over the building.

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Orientation Guide

Learning Unit 1: Commercial Building Management - Part 1

  • Maintenance of the property
  • Procurement and appointment of external service providers
  • Management of external service providers

Learning Unit 2: Commercial Building Management – Part 2

  • Insurance
  • Occupational health and safety