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Commercial Landlord & Tenant Relationships Course

The outcome of this 3-week course will be enhanced knowledge of commercial property leasing processes, ensuring that you can efficiently carry out the practical requirements of managing your Landlord and your Tenant.

Property management is a key function of the property industry.  A property portfolio must be carefully managed to maximise the return on investment – income and capital value. It is critical in the commercial and retail environment that the property practitioner understands the needs of his Landlord and sources a Tenant that fills these requirements.  Once a tenant is secured, the relationship must be maintained so that there is a low turnover of tenants, which may cause a drop in income.

This online course covers the responsibilities of a property manager, ensuring that you understand and can effectively implement processes and strategies to enhance the stakeholders’ relationships.

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Learning Unit 1: Orientation

Learning Unit 2: Landlord and Tenant Relationships - Part 1

2.1 Property take-on by Property Manager

2.2 Marketing of vacant space

2.3 Credit vetting and screening of new tenants

2.4 Preparation of new leases

2.5 Keeping of tenant records

2.6 Example of the process for new lease creation

Learning Unit 3: Landlord and Tenant Relationships – Part 2

3.1 New tenant installations

3.2 Communication with tenants

3.3 Collection of rentals and other recoveries

3.4 Management of utilities, municipal charges, and insurance premium recoveries

Learning Unit 4: Landlord and Tenant Relationships- Part 3

4.1 Lease renewals

4.2 Example of the process for lease renewal

4.3 End of lease take back of premises

4.4 Legal matters