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Commercial Sale & Lease Contracts CPD Course

Once you have completed this 30-day course, you will be able to read and compile a Commercial Sale & Lease Contract and know what clauses are inserted to protect both the seller and the buyer. The video is presented by renowned conveyancing and litigation attorneys, Meumann & White, property and commission litigation experts.

Commercial Sale & Lease Contracts

The course is presented in a 40-minute video by Meumann White Attorneys, C&I sale and lease agreements, and property litigation experts.  Once completed, you will have good knowledge of the C&I contractual industry.  Some of the topics covered include:

  • The differences between residential and commercial sales contracts
  • Business sale agreements
  • Purchasing a property through an entity
  • Tax benefits
  • Zero-rated transactions
  • Indemnification clauses
  • Business lease agreement

This course, beneficial for buyers and sellers in the commercial space, is also helpful for an intern, full status and principal property practitioners.  A short, concise course taking you through every aspect of both business sales and lease agreements.

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The Commercial Sale & Lease Contracts course includes the following:

  • Resource Guide
  • Video
  • Quiz
  • Certificate of Compliance