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Connecting in the Workplace: 1 CPD point in the Reading & Publishing Category

Connecting in the Workplace CPD Course

The importance of staff in the workplace can never be underestimated.  The importance of ensuring that your staff are happy in their workplace relates directly to your success as an agency.  This course, Connecting in the Workplace, is designed by Harvard Business Review professors and analysts who spent time extensively researching successful and unsuccessful businesses.  In all cases both successes and failures related directly to staff productivity.

Cost: R280

Loneliness is often masked because it is not understood, especially in a work environment such as real estate.  It is often not identified by management in its true sense.   It often results in poor work productivity and miscommunication within the  office environment.  Even worse, Harvard’s reports  show that loneliness can lead to fatal diseases such as Altzheimer’s and cancer.  There are solutions and these must be practised on a regular basis to produce the happy, healthy workforce you need to deliver high returns.

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Connecting in the Workplace course in the non-verifiable Reading and Publishing CPD category includes the following:

  • Extensive and interesting reading material supplied by Harvard Business Review
  • Multiple-choice quiz, marked online
  • Once you have answered at least 70% of the questions correctly, PropAcademy will issue you with a Certificate of Competency