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Performance Appraisals: 1 CPD point in the Professional Development Category

Performance Appraisals CPD Real Estate Course

The Performance Appraisal is an essential part of the Human Resource department’s contribution to your agency.  An effective appraisal may not only eliminate behaviour and work-quality problems, it can motivate an employee to contribute more.

Cost: R280

Performance appraisals are critical to ensuring productivity within your agency, a fact so many principal estate agents ignore.  This short course is designed to enable you to grasp the concept of regular appraisals and to ensure you use the correct tools for both permanent and commissioned based staff.  It will help principal, full status and intern agents perform to their fullest so that they achieve regulated goals.

Click the “Take this Course” button below to purchase this non-verifiable Performance Appraisals CPD course in the Professional Category today! This course is valid for 10-days.

The non-verifiable CPD professional category Performance Appraisals course includes the following:

  • Video runs for just less than 20 minutes and is lively, easy to watch and steeped in knowledge.
  • Course material can be downloaded and printed for your CPD hard copy file.
  • Multiple choice questions are easy to understand and must be answered after you have viewed the video and read through the learning material. As you answer the questions the training program automatically marks the answer and you will immediately be given your results.
  • Once all of the above have been done, PropAcademy will issue you with a Certificate of Competency which you must print for your CPD file.