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Write Your Own Cheque: 1 CPD point in the Professional Development Category

Write Your Own Cheque CPD Course

The Write Your Own Cheque CPD course for real estate agents in South Africa highlights the importance of setting targets in your business life.  Once targets are set they have to be continually monitored, and the course author, Errol van Heerden, has some wonderful tips on how to keep focussed, no matter what.

Cost: R280

This online course includes a video, course material and ten multiple choice questions, and will earn you 1 CPD point in the non-verifiable category.  You must first watch the video and read through the course material.  Once you feel you have a good understanding of the course material, you can complete the ten multiple choice questions online.  These will automatically be marked by the computer training program.  Once you have been found competent, PropAcademy will issue you with a certificate of competency which you must print and place on file for the EAAB CPD audit.

Once complete remember to access your EAAB My Portal, My CPD and update your PDP to show that you have completed this course.

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The Write Your Own Cheque course in the non-verifiable professional development CPD category includes the following:

  • A video that runs for just over an hour. We encourage you to take a five minute break after the first 30 minutes to ensure your concentration is upheld. The benefit of a video is that you can watch it multiple times.
  • Course material that can be downloaded and printed for your CPD hard copy file.
  • Multiple choice questions are easy to understand and must be answered after you have viewed the video and read through the learning material. As you answer the questions the training program automatically marks the answer and you will immediately be given your results.
  • Once all of the above has been completed, PropAcademy will issue you with a Certificate of Competency which you must print for your CPD file.