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Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy Course in South Africa

A go-to-market strategy is a detailed plan for launching an offering.  The bonus is that you can use the Quick Guide to Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy course towards one non-verifiable Continual Professional Development point in the personal real estate category. This is only required by Principal or Non-Principal practitioners. To craft a winning go-to-market strategy, our course summarises the following key points.

This skill-enhancing course may also be used to achieve two CPD points in the non-verifiable Personal Category.  Non-verifiable Continual Professional Development points are a regulated requirement set by the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority formally known as the Estate Agents Affairs Board, EAAB.

Who will buy it?

Here we help you to identify your target audience—including buyer persona details such as attitudes, motivations, and unsolved problems.

What’s for sale?

You must understand how to describe the product’s value proposition, its defining features and qualities, and how your product fits customers’ needs in a way that its competitors don’t.

What’s the marketing strategy?

You will be shown how to specify the channels, tactics, messaging, and pricing strategy you’ll use to market the product.

How will you sell it?

You must understand how to develop a plan for distributing the product and supporting customers through each step of the buyer’s journey.

How will you support ongoing success?

Most importantly, you must create a system to track performance, measure success, and provide ongoing customer support.

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The Quick Guide to Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy course is easy to follow and comprises online training videos, discussions and quizzes. You can also earn two points in the non-verifiable CPD Personal Category.