Intern Logbook Residential Premium CourseAs a new or Intern Agent in South Africa, you must complete your Intern Logbook Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) or EAAB Logbook as it is sometimes referred to, within 12 months from the date your Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) is issued.  The PropAcademy Intern Logbook: Premium course is designed to enable you to complete the two key sections of the Intern Logbook requirements – knowledge and projects – within three months. Thereafter, you can add to the logbook during the remaining nine months, allowing you to put this statutory requirement behind you and get on with the business of dealing in property.

To help intern agents through this often complex and confusing process and kick-start your career, we’ve developed a series of innovative e-Learning courses: the Intern Logbook: Premium course; the Intern Logbook: Knowledge course; and the Intern Logbook: Projects course.  Remember that throughout your internship, you must be mentored by your Principal Agent or a Full Status Agent who has held this status for more than three years.

As some estate agents have completed parts of their Intern Logbook requirements, and now are under pressure to perform, we have designed the Intern Logbook: Knowledge and the Intern Logbook: Projects course which can be taken separately as required. The Intern Logbook: Premium course covers the content of both the Intern Logbook: Knowledge course and the Intern Logbook: Projects course.

The Intern Logbook Premium course is fully modular, with each module dealing with a specific topic. The knowledge component of the course provides training material that must be read and understood; as well as short, simple quizzes that must be completed successfully at the end of each module before moving on to the next.

Once this has been done, you can progress to the Projects section of the course. A total of 10 Projects are provided as individual modules, along with PropAcademy-developed templates. Each project must be treated as a separate assignment, using the templates to help you every step of the way.  The modules are easy to follow and give you a “hands on” connection with PropAcademy.  In addition to the in-depth training material, you receive videos, free webinars and access to face-to-face events in South Africa’s main centres.

Why buy this course?  It’s quick, detailed, easy-to-understand and can be completed online, enabling you to complete it from anywhere in South Africa.  We pride ourselves in our after-purchase service.

I was extremely nervous in entering the real estate industry, especially with all the new qualification regulations.  With assistance from PropAcademys team my fears have disappeared, and I feel exuberant about my future in this field – eLearning is simple and so easy to do in your own time.  When I get stuck PropAcademy is there to hold me up and encourage me.  Thank you PropAcademy!!

Wow I am having so much fun learning with PropAcademy! The way it is set up is so user friendly. Love it!

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Course Materials

The Residential Intern Logbook Premium course includes the following:

  • The Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) Intern Logbook Portfolio of Evidence manual.
  • 17 Knowledge modules which include learning material and a short quiz.
  • 10 Project modules based on the projects set by the Board. For these we supply easy to follow templates and instructions so that you can complete these modules quickly and correctly.
  • The last module helps you to finalise your PoE and gives instructions on how to present it to the Board.