Intern Logbook Portfolio of Evidence CourseAs a new estate agent or Intern Agent in South Africa, you must complete your Intern Logbook Portfolio of Evidence or EAAB Logbook as it is sometimes referred to. To help you through this process, we’ve developed an innovative e-Learning course for intern agents in South Africa.  This online course, over and above covering the requirements set out by the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB), will provide you with much needed knowledge in all fields of real estate.

This easy online intern course will enable you to kick-start your career as an estate agent. You can complete your EAAB Intern Logbook at your own pace while you continue with your normal business of selling houses. This is a once off course that includes instructional videos and helpful webinars that are easy to follow and give you a “hands on” connection with us.

Remember that throughout your internship, you must be mentored by your Principal Agent or a Full Status Agent who has held this status for more than three years.

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Course Materials

The Intern Logbook course includes the following:

  • The Intern Logbook Portfolio of Evidence manual downloaded from the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) website.
  • Knowledge of the real estate industry which will assist you with all your qualifications up to and including NQF Level 5. The first 17 modules come with training material which you can download, and simple interactive multiple choice quizzes. The quizzes will prepare you for your next level qualification, NQF 4.
  • Assignments / projects as set by the EAAB are contained in modules 18 to 27.  Each module includes an instructional video and templates that you can download to make things easier for you. We encourage you to use these templates throughout your real estate career.