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As a new or Candidate Property Practitioner in South Africa, you must complete your PPRA Logbook Portfolio of Evidence (PoE), formerly known as the Intern Logbook or EAAB Logbook, within 12 months from the date your Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) is issued. The PropAcademy PPRA Intern Logbook: Knowledge course is designed to enable you to complete the full administration requirements of the logbook and 15 exclusive training modules that you must know to submit your logbook to The Authority.

To help Candidate Property Practitioners (formerly known as Real Estate Agents) through this often complex and confusing process and kick-start their careers, we’ve developed our course material in a manner that is easy to follow, interesting, and fully accessible online.   Your support base throughout your internship, besides PropAcademy’s service team, will be your mentor. The Authority requires that you are mentored in the field by your Principal Practitioner or a Non-Principal Practitioner who has held this status for more than three years.

The PPRA Logbook Knowledge course is fully modular, with each module dealing with a specific topic. The knowledge component of the course provides training material that must be read and understood and short, simple quizzes that must be completed successfully at the end of each module before moving on to the next.

Once this has been done, you can progress to the Projects section of the course.  The PPRA Logbook Knowledge course does not contain information on the ten projects suggested by The Authority.  If you would like the projects included in the course, you would opt for the Premium Logbook course, which contains both knowledge and projects.  The 10 Projects are provided as individual modules, along with PropAcademy-developed templates.  The templates are simple and designed to help you complete this course section as quickly as possible.

Why buy this Inern Logbook Knowledge course? It’s professional, to the point, and gives you a good understanding of the regulations within all aspects of real estate – ensuring your professionalism in the field.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the phenomenal Logbook Knowledge course! I am forever grateful.

Click the “Take this Course” button below to purchase the PPRA Intern Logbook Residential Knowledge Course for real estate agents today! This course is valid for three months.

The Residential PPRA Logbook Knowledge course includes the following:

  • PPRA Logbook Portfolio of Evidence manual.
  • 17 Knowledge modules which include learning material and a short quiz.

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