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PPRA Licencing CPD Course

Licencing with the PPRA

Principal practitioners must understand the current licencing procedures so that their agency remains compliant.  This short course identifies the different types of registrations required by the industry and lists the steps required by the applicant.

Licencing with the PPRA Course

The Property Practitioners Act No 22 of 2019 (PPAct) is the law from 1st February 2022.  There are many benefits to this Act, especially relating to licencing.

The PPRA is obliged to issue fidelity fund certificates within thirty days of the application being made, as long as the application documents are presented as regulated and the applicant follows the steps provided in this course.

The podcast presented by the Licencing Manager at the EAAB is supplied as part of the course material.

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The PPRA Licencing Course includes the following:

  • Training manual
  • Video
  • Quiz
  • Certificate of Completion