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Navigating Team Dynamics Course

This skill-enhancing course also allows you to achieve two Professional Continual Development CPD points in the non-verifiable personal category.  You are supplied with training videos, reading material and short quizzes.

You will learn how to hire remote workers.  You will have access to a larger and more diverse pool of qualified candidates while reducing overhead costs. An excellent remote candidate will meet the minimum education and experience requirements and possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to excel in the open position. But an exceptional remote candidate also will have the traits needed to succeed in a remote environment, including initiative and self-motivation, strong communication, independent problem-solving and time-management skills, and the ability to learn new technologies.

A few advantages of the remote office include:

  • World-class talent.
  • Increased diversity.
  • Improved productivity
  • Greater employee happiness.
  • Reduced overhead costs.

Buy this 1-week course, a Guide to Managing Remote Teams, which will help you strategise correctly to achieve a high outcome from remote staff members.   Click the “Take this Course” button and get started!