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NQF Level 2 New Venture Creation SMME Course
SAQA US: 49648 NQF Level 2

NQF 2 New Venture Creation SMME Course

The difference between this course and the NQF Level 4 New Venture Creation course is the prerequisite. For this course, you need to have passed Grade 8, and for the NQF Level 4 NVC you need to have passed Grade 12.

The future of South Africa’s economy does not lie in the formal sector, but within the informal SMME sector too.  This is a growing part of South Africa’s economy and this qualification is formed to equip entrepreneurial learners with knowledge and skills at NQF Level 2, Grade 10 so that they can become part of the mainstream economy and help them to set up and start their new ventures.

The design of this qualification aims to develop skills and knowledge for the establishment and development of a business.  It addresses the economic and administrative and behavioural barriers that contribute to failures in starting a business.  Also, it creates long term solutions for job creation and SMME development for budding entrepreneurs.

We provide you with learning material which includes learner guides, workbooks, videos and interactive webinars.  We are here to support you through every step of your learning journey.

NQF Level 2 New Venture Creation SMME: 138 Credits

Are you a young entrepreneur who has a vision and needs to be shown the way?  Do you need to understand the tendering process so that you can apply to achieve tenders from Government? Then this course is for you!

You will gain knowledge that will enable you to identify opportunities in the business world.  You will understand basic economics within your market and be able to ensure that your product is priced competitively so that you achieve the required profits to ensure your new venture is successful.

The NQF 2 New Venture Creation SMME Course content will cover:

  1. Functional Mathematics
  2. Communication & AIDS
  3. Market requirements
  4. Business sector and industry
  5. Financial requirements
  6. Business operations

Once competent, you will be able to:

  • Acquire an entrepreneurial profile
  • Understand the industry/sector in which you wish to establish your new venture
  • Match new venture opportunities to market needs
  • Determine and manage the financial requirements of your new venture
  • Compile and utilise a business plan to manage your new venture and where relevant, seek funding for your new venture

If you want to advance your career in the business world, click the “Take this Course” button below and start your 12-month online NQF2 New Venture Creation SMME course today!

NQF 2 New Venture Creation SMME course includes:

  • Orientation Guide and an Orientation Video to help you to understand the flow of the course material and what is expected from you.
  • 6 Modules in the qualification, each offering a Learner Guide, Video, Workbook, interactive webinars and events.
  • Final Summative Assessment (FSA).
  • Numeracy and Communication at NQF Level 1 / Grade 8 is a pre-requisite.