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National Qualification Framework (NQF) Level 4 Literacy

NQF4 Literacy Course

This pre-requisite to the NQF Level 4 Real Estate course may seem daunting, but it is not. PropAcademy’s online Literacy course is designed with your needs in mind, ensuring that you can successfully complete it in record time. This course will be completed post your NQF4 course, not prior.

The purpose of this course is to ensure that you can integrate foundational and reflective competence across all fundamental literacy unit standards.  It is delivered in both English and Afrikaans, enabling you to converse in two South African languages.

NQF 4: Literacy

The Authority, which falls under the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority, legislates that all candidate property practitioners must complete their internship within two years from the date of registration.  To complete this internship, you must be competent in your FET: NQF Level 4 Real Estate 59097.  One of the pre-requisites stipulated by the South African Qualification Association (SAQA) is that you must have completed fundamental literacy at Matric or NQF4 level.

The other pre-requisite is that you have completed Mathematics at Matric or NQF4 level.  Here is some information on the Fundamental Mathematics course.

Once completed, you will be able to:

  • Analyse reading strategies,
  • Develop organisational features of various texts,
  • Understand unfamiliar words, how to summarise, how to paraphrase,
  • Analyse graphics and visual aids,
  • Extracting implicit messages,
  • Explore writing techniques,
  • Respond to selected texts and
  • Use language to shape a point of view.
  • Complete Written communication, including advertisements, business communications, presentations, and planning.

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Fundamental literacy consists of a learner guide, explainer videos and online quizzes. The NQF4 Literacy course content is aligned to unit standards:

  • Functional communication – Interpret and use information from texts (US119457) and interpret a variety of literacy texts (US119466).
  • Written communication – Write/present/sign for a wide range of contexts (US119459) and use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment (US12153)
  • Kommunikasie in werking – Critically analyse tests produced for a range of purposes, audiences and contexts (US119469) and write/sign for a specified audience and purpose (US119465)
  • Modelikse kommunikasie – Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication (US119472) and engage in sustained oral/signed communication and evaluate spoken/signed tests (US119462)