National Qualification Forum (NQF) Level 3 Literacy

NQF3 Literacy Course

Welcome to Literacy!  This 6 week course will help you achieve the required NQF Level 3 Literacy qualification so that you can continue with your studies in the real estate field.

The purpose of the Literacy course is to ensure that you can integrate foundational and reflexive competence across all fundamental literacy unit standards.  The course contains both English and Afrikaans because you are required to have competency in two South African languages so that you can easily converse with the public in the real estate industry.

NQF 3: Literacy

In order to start on your NQF4 course you must have literacy at NQF Level 3 or preferably Matric level.  This course will satisfy that requirement.  How long will this take me is key – and this depends very much on how structured your study time is and how quickly you can collect your evidence.  PropAcademy holds face to face workshops and encourage you to attend a full day intervention so that you obtain a clear indication of how to complete this short course.  We also hold free webinars to help you understand the fundamentals and produce the required result.

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Course Materials

The NQF3 Literacy course includes:

M1: You can download the Learner Guide to print, or just study it online.

M2: There are 4 videos, one for each Task. It is important that you watch each short video and read your Learner Guide before attempting to answer the questions. This will give you a clear understanding of what answers are expected of you. Portfolio guide This document contains your questions. Download, save and type your answer under each question. Once complete please ensure all your pages are numbered. Once printed initial the bottom right corner of each page and then place into a lever arch file for submission.

Course Content