National Qualification Forum (NQF) Level 3 Functional Mathematics

NQF Level 4 Functional Mathematics

Welcome to Mathematics!  This 6 week course will help you achieve the required NQF Level 3 Mathematics qualification so that you qualify to start your NQF4 Real Estate course.

The purpose of this course is to enable you to measure, estimate and calculate physical quantities in practical situations.  The outcome is that you will be able to explore, analyze and critique, describe and represent, interpret and justify geometrical relationships and conjectures to solve problems in two and three dimensional geometrical situations.

You will understand how to use mathematics to plan and control financial instruments including budgets, business and marketing plans.   You will also understand how to use simple and compound interest to make sense of and define a variety of situations including mortgage loans, present values, annuities and sinking funds.  You will be able to investigate various aspects of costs and revenue including marginal costs, marginal revenue and optimization of profit.  Debate aspects of the national and global economy, including tax, productivity and the equitable distribution of resources.

Finally you will also be able to critique and use techniques for collecting, organising and representing data as wells as use theoretical and experimental probability to develop models, make predictions and study problems whilst critically interrogating and using probability and statistical models in problem solving and decision making in real-world situations.

NQF 3:  Functional Mathematics

To start your NQF4 course you must have mathematics at NQF Level 3 or preferably Matric level.  This 6 week course will satisfy that requirement.  How long will this take me is key – and this depends very much on how structured your study time is and how quickly you can collect your evidence.  Attend our face to face workshop, listen in to our free webinars, listen to the video that is supplied with the course material, and you will find this course simple and easy to follow.

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Course Materials

The NQF3 Functional Mathematics course includes:

  • Learner Guide which covers all aspects of the course, and is simple to follow
  • A video is included to cover all 3 tasks
  • Portfolio Guide which contains your questions and is broken up into three tasks.  Type your answer directly under the question and remember to watch the videos as you proceed.

Course Content