Professional Designated Exam Level 5 Course (PDE5)

PDE 5 Real Estate Course

All estate agents in South Africa who have achieved competency in their NQF Level 5 qualification and registered with the EAAB as Principal Property Practitioners, must write and pass their PDE5 exam within 2 years to maintain Principal Status.  This exam is set by the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB).

The 4-hour PDE5 exam covers all knowledge and practical applications you have studied in the field, as contained in your NQF 5 learning material that you purchased from the EAAB or borrowed from a fellow agent.

To help you through this process, we’ve developed an innovative e-Learning PDE5 course for all estate agents in South Africa.  This online PDE5 course, over and above covering the requirements set out by the EAAB, will provide you with templates, examples of past exam questions, study tips, knowledge on where to concentrate your studies in the material provided by the Board, easy to follow calculation and statistic sheets.

I just want to thank you guys for helping me through the PDE5!! PropAcademy you rock!

To maintain your Principal Status, click the “Take this Course” button below and start your journey today! This course is valid for 6-weeks.

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Course Materials

The PDE5 course includes the following:

  • We provide schedules containing statistics, calculations, definitions, flashcards, the Code of Conduct summarised as well as the Estate Agents Affairs Act.  We show you how to use them and personalise them to your exam requirements.
  • We supply you with examples of past PDE5 exam questions with model answers.
  • The EAAB NQF5 Study Material needs to be purchased by you from the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) website, we also advise estate agents to save money and borrow these files from your fellow agents, as the material itself has not been updated by the EAAB since 2008.