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POPI Act Course


This CPD non-verifiable course is a must for you and your employees to understand the regulations contained within the POPI Act in just 10-days.  Not only do you receive this expert summary, but you also receive a draft POPI Manual and Forms which you can adapt to your business and 1 non-verfiable point in the Professional Category.

You are provided with learning material that summarises the Act defining what your business must adhere to and how.  The program is arranged so that all staff members will easily understand the basic concepts of the Act and obtain knowledge on how to apply different mechanisms specific to the business’ needs.

Besides obtaining critical legislated information, you may also complete this course to achieve two non-verifiable Continual Professional Development (CPD) points in the property industry.

To buy this 10-day POPIA CPD course, click “Take this Course” and follow the prompts.

The POPI Act CPD Course includes:

  • POPI Policy Manual and Annexures. These documents are provided in a manner that they can be adapted and used within your business.  The Annexures are forms produced to ensure that you use the correct processes when dealing with your client's personal information.
  • Resource information includes a copy of the Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 and a vital Checklist.
  • An explainer video is well worth the listen, and then you will complete a true/false
  • Online quiz. Once you achieve a minimum of 70%, you will receive a
  • Certificate of Compliance for 1 non-verifiable point in the Professional Category.