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Introduction to Property Ownership Course - Part 2

This 10-day course is a follow-on to Property Ownership Part 1.  It gives additional insight into the development of different types of ownerships, being Sectional Title, Share Block, Group Housing and Retirement Schemes.

Introduction to Property Ownership – Part 2

Whether you are a property practitioner, an investor or a developer, this short online course is designed to give you knowledge of how best to develop a scheme, what ownership will apply and then how to manage that type of ownership. We will discuss the following:

  • Property Development Schemes
  • Sectional Title Schemes
  • Management of Sectional Title Schemes
  • Retirement Schemes
  • Sale of units in Schemes

Each scheme has different objectives and different usages.  It is critical as a property developer that you understand at the outset the regulated legislation that is applied to a scheme both during the planning period and after the hand-over of the end product.

This course outlines all of the above for each different scheme type.

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The Introduction to Property Ownership Course: Part 2 includes the following:

  • Learner Guide
  • Video
  • Quiz
  • Certificate of Compliance