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Valuation : SSETA US: 15078 : 15085 : 15075

Valuation Skills Course

If you want to be able to estimate property valuations and determine the highest and best use of a property, then this 12-week soft skills course is for you!  It is ideal if you are wanting to excel in property listings, both commercial and residential and should be taken by all Principal Property Practitioners so that they can guide their intern estate agents on how to prepare a valuation estimate, analyse the market and be able to determine property values.

Success in real estate depends largely on the number of sole mandates that you as a property practitioner attain, from single dwellings to retail and new developments.  This course will enable you to produce a professional estimated valuation report for an investor, giving him unbiased “highest & best use” of the property, and securing his confidence and trust in your ability to take his investment from base level and achieve his required return.

We provide you with learning material as well as videos, face-to-face events and inter-active webinars.

To become a Registered Professional Property Valuer read our Blog here, and view educational programmes registered by Council.

Valuation Skills Course

A property practitioner who has been certificated against or exempt from NQF Level 4 will receive 24 SAQA credits when completing their NQF Level 5 Real Estate with PropAcademy.  PropAcademy will issue a Certificate of Completion to every person found competent in completing this course.

The goal is to provide higher level, more targeted training, focused on some of the electives that enable performance in key business areas to all property practitioners.

This course aims to enable participants to develop working knowledge of the core elements, tools and processes of commercial and residential real estate valuation applicable to retail, office, and special trading properties, as well as development land.  It includes resource material, learning material and short videos for each of the four tasks.

The content of this course covers the following:

  • Perform valuations of income-producing properties
  • Perform valuations of agricultural properties used for extensive farming
  • Perform valuations of vacant land

The outcome will ensure that the applicant can:

  • Identify and collect information about income-producing properties and
  • Analyse the market on different types of properties and
  • Determine the values of different types of properties.

Task 1:

Identification of properties, classification of agricultural land, identification and classification of vacant land, general valuation concepts, the scope of a valuation assignment, legislation income, vacant and agricultural, town planning schemes, case law, guides and structural plans, preparing for site inspection and feasibility study.

Task 2:

Economic analysis, property potential, basis for valuation, market analysis, cultural and regional variances.

Task 3:

Valuation approach, valuation methods, the basis for valuation, application of direct comparison method, capitalization method and discounted cash flow method.

Task 4:

Perform valuations of income-producing properties, agricultural properties and vacant land.

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