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NQF Level 5 Real Estate Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Course

National Qualification Forum (NQF) Level 5 Real Estate RPL

Welcome to the RPL process for NQF5 Real Estate!  This qualification is for any individual who is already involved in the property and real estate industry, and it serves to support and advance real estate agents to principal agents who manage a real estate business.

To qualify for RPL in your NQF5 you must be a registered FFC holder, have proof of managing an agency and be competent in FETC: NQF4 Real Estate & PDE4. If you believe that you should qualify for RPL, then please complete this quiz.

If you have the above credentials, then let us help you through the NQF5 RPL course in a maximum of 12-weeks!


The purpose of this RPL Portfolio Guide is to provide you with guidelines on the preparation and presentation of the RPL Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) for assessment purposes.  PropAcademy is an accredited assessment centre.

How long will this take me is key – and this depends very much on how structured your study time is and how quickly you can collect your evidence.  You can take a maximum of 12-weeks to compile your PoE, you are welcome to submit this to us sooner. Once done your file will be assessed by PropAcademy, moderated by PropAcademy and verified by SSETA.

If you believe that you should qualify for RPL, then click the “Take this Course” button below to complete the quiz and proceed to purchase this 12-week course.