Further Education & Training (FET): National Qualification Forum (NQF) Level 5 Real Estate

NQF5 Real Estate Course

If you want to become a Principal Property Practitioner, you first have to complete and be found competent in your NQF5 Real Estate, after which you write your open-book PDE5 exam. PropAcademy’s accredited NQF5 course makes it easy for you. If you follow our proven process, you should gain your qualification in just six months. We provide you with all the learning materials you’ll need as well as videos, face-to-face events, skype video workshops and webinars. And because we believe that your success is our success, we’ll support and guide you through the entire learning process.

NQF 5: 135 Credits

PropAcademy’s accredited facilitators, assessors and moderators are all trained to ensure that you achieve your goal in record time.  Because we understand the systems that ServiceSETA has implemented, we are equipped to help you successfully complete the NQF5 programme as quickly as possible, so that you can advance your career in the real estate industry as a Principal Estate Agent.

‘NQF Level 5’ is the National Qualification Forum: Level 5: Real Estate (SAQA QUAL ID 20188) qualification that must be completed by principal estate agents.  It could also be any other relevant qualification deemed to be equivalent to the National Certificate: Real Estate in accordance with the Exemptions Matrix approved by the EAAB.

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Course Materials

The NQF5 course includes:

  • Orientation Guide – PropAcademy will ensure that understand the requirements of the course before getting started. The Orientation guide is easy to follow with pre-recorded webinars that you can access on your profile at any time, making study time more convenient. Our friendly staff are also available should you feel the need to have a one on one. This guide must be printed, completed and filed in your PoE.
  • Learner Guides for each Learning Unit: These are clearly indexed to assist in locating the required answer. You can also purchase the EAAB NQF5 study guide learning material for your reference, from the Board.
  • Resource Guides for each Learning Unit:  These assist with references to various Acts and other industry-related legislations.
  • Portfolio Guides:  These are where you will be answering your questions and assignments.  They contain the overall outcome of each Learning Unit.