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Secrets to Winning Sales Presentations Course

Proposals play a vital role in a salesperson’s toolkit. And while creating a proposal from scratch might seem overwhelming, you can develop proposals that lead to more and bigger sales by adapting some tried-and-true methods.

In this course, you’ll learn more about proposals and how they can help you make a sale. You’ll also learn the basic building blocks of successful proposals and explore a process you can use for your proposal development.

Once you have completed the course, you will have increased your knowledge of the following topics:

  • Developing Your Proposal
  • Creating Your Sales Narrative
  • Winning Sales Presentation Techniques
  • Five Steps to Prepare for a Sales Presentation
  • The Roles of Storytelling in Sales
  • Persuasion vs Manipulation
  • Translating Features into Benefits
  • Giving an Effective Product Demonstration

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The Secrets to Winning Sales Presentations course will give you the expertise you need to ensure that your presentation will stand out in the crowd.