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Working Across Cultures Course

This sensitivity training course allows you to achieve two Continual Professional Development CPD points in the non-verifiable Personal Category.  Non-verifiable Continual Professional Development points are a regulated requirement for all principal and non-principal property practitioners.

Did you know that what you perceive about a culture actually says more about your own culture than it does about the other culture? In this course you will learn more about what culture is and how to understand different cultures. This will help you to gain insight on how to interact more effectively with people from those cultures.

The following topics will allow you a greater insight and an understanding on how to successfully use cultural differences to your advantage:

  • Communicating with people with a different cultural background.
  • To be successful in a multicultural business environment.
  • Adapting your persuasion techniques to cultural norms.
  • Communicating negative feedback across different cultures in a positive way.
  • Decision-making styles regarding cultural norms.
  • Handling Different Trust-Building Styles.
  • Handling Different Disagreement Styles.
  • Handling Differences in Scheduling Styles.

Buy this 1-week course, Working Across Cultures, which will help you gain insight and understanding on how different cultures perceive the workplace.  Click the “Take this Course” button and get started!