CPD Courses for Real Estate Agents

Online CPD Courses for Estate Agents in South Africa

All real estate agents in South Africa are required to complete a number of verifiable and non-verifiable CPD courses annually. To assist you in accruing your annual prescribed CPD points, we’ve developed a wide range of affordable and easy to complete online CPD courses in the non-verifiable category. These courses can be completed online on any computer or mobile device from the comfort of your home, office, or while on the go. Important requirements set out by the EAAB for Real Estate CPD courses and the various CPD categories that are available can be found further down the page.

CPD Courses

R280 ex VAT
DeMystifying Real Estate Education CPD Course

DeMystifying Real Estate Education Non-Verifiable CPD Course

Non-compliance with education regulations legislated by the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) will result in your agency being disqualified by the Board, putting you and your agency out of business. Let us help you understand the processes.

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Integrating with the EAAB CPD Course

Integrating with the EAAB Non-Verifiable CPD Course

There is nothing more frustrating than unsuccessfully dealing with the EAAB to achieve compliance for your agency and agents. Once you have completed this short course you will understand the Boards requirements and easily achieve your goals.

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R280 ex VAT
Wills & Deceased Estates CPD Course

Wills & Deceased Estates Non-Verifiable CPD Course

Selling properties held in deceased estates is common practice for the estate agent. This course will empower you to be able to easily explain the process to your buyer and seller, earning you their trust, and ensuring that your sale proceeds smoothly.

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R280 ex VAT
Performance Appraisals CPD Real Estate Course

Performance Appraisals Non-Verifiable CPD Course

Don’t lose sight of the benefits your estate agency will gain from conducting regular performance appraisals with both your agents and employees. They can help foster communication, engage employees and agents, and develop strong performers.

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R280 ex VAT
Successful Goal Setting CPD Course

Successful Goal Setting Non-Verifiable CPD Course

Goal setting is easy enough to do, but how many people set goals and never achieve them? This course will show you how to set your goal and then let you understand the tools that you need to implement to ensure that your goal is achieved.

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R280 ex VAT
Social Media & Branding CPD Course

Social Media & Branding Non-Verifiable CPD Course

In this short CPD course, you will learn how you and your business can benefit from being able to correctly and effectively advertise your business on social media. You will also undertand how good branding promotes your real estate business.

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R280 ex VAT
How to Negotiate CPD Course

How to Negotiate Non-Verifiable CPD Course

This amazing CPD course is Harvard Business Review at its best! The course will teach you the valuable skills of negotiating a deal, and if put into practice in the real estate field, will ensure your success as an estate agent. This easy online course is a must for every real estate practitioner in South Africa.

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R280 ex VAT
Make Stress Work for You CPD Course

Make Stress Work for You Non-Verifiable CPD Course

Course includes 9 articles by Harvard Business Review and one by Dr M Lamb. The content is authentic and interesting, giving you a good understanding of how to manage stress in all aspects of your life, and how to detect and manage it in your co-workers.

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R280 ex VAT
Write Your Own Cheque CPD Course

Write Your Own Cheque Non-Verifiable CPD Course

This online course highlights the importance of setting targets in your business life. Once targets are set they have to be continually monitored and Errol van Heerden has some wonderful tips on how to keep focussed, no matter what.

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R280 ex VAT
Mentoring Your Intern Estate Agent CPD Course

Mentoring Your Intern Estate Agent Non-Verifiable CPD Course

This online non-verifiable CPD course covers the mentoring and coaching regulated category and will earn you 1 CPD point. The course is clear, to the point, and will cover everything a principal agent and full status agent of three years or more must now.

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R280 ex VAT
Corporte Social Investment CPD Course

The Robin Hood Foundation Non-Verifiable CPD Course

This online non-verifiable CPD course covers the corporate social investment regulated category. The course includes reading material and a multiple choice quiz, and will earn you 1 CPD point in the Corporate Social Investment category.

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R280 ex VAT
Success is Acheivable CPD Course

Success is Achievable Non-Verifiable CPD Course

This online non-verifiable CPD course covers the decisions a winner makes to win and achieve pre-set goals. The course includes video, supporting reading material and a multiple choice quiz, and will earn you 1 point in the Personal Development category.

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R280 ex VAT
Time Management Course

Time Management Non Verifiable CPD Course

In this online Time Management CPD Course you will learn the ten golden rules of time management applicable to the real estate industry, as well as how to manage your clients, your staff and yourself. The course will earn you 1 CPD Point in the personal development category.

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Course Materials

These CPD courses include the following:

Easy to follow e-Learning courses consisting of videos, written material and multiple choice questions.  We also offer webinars so that you can have personal interaction with other agents who are also completing these courses.

If you are new to online learning or it’s been a while since you took a course, click here to learn how to prepare for your online course.

Continual Professional Development Courses in the Non-Verifiable Category

CPD Real Estate Courses in South AfricaThe Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) have legislated that all estate agents in South Africa who held a valid fidelity fund certificate whether as principal or non-principal estate agents, issued by the EAAB during 2015, excluding only those persons who held intern fidelity fund certificates, were obliged not only to have registered for CPD purposes but also to have accrued fifteen verifiable and five non-verifiable CPD points.

Non-compliant persons will be rendered disqualified as estate agents by reason of their failure to comply with the requirements of the mandatory Education Regulations.

CPD points must be accrued within a calendar year, over a three year rolling cycle.  It is legislated that you must accrue 15 verifiable points and 5 non-verifiable points per annum. It is important to note that these points must be accrued in the categories that you have chosen on your Personal Development Plan (PDP) which you access on your My CPD Portal.

The Board have extended the cut-off date for 2015 CPD points to 31st December 2016.  If you take advantage of this extension please remember that your 2016 CPD points must also be complete by the same date.

The Board charge an annual fee for verifiable CPD points which must be paid timeously.  Non-verifiable CPD points carry no set charge, and can be completed via our online learning platform (see available courses below).

It is important that you regularly access the EAAB site to check for any updates to CPD requirements.

Verifiable CPD Courses

Courses are managed by the EAAB and can be done in the way of EAAB Roadshows and e-Learning from your MyCPD Portal on the EAAB website.  You are welcome to download our free CPD and e-Learning guide for more information on verifiable CPD points.

Non-Verifiable CPD Courses

Non-Verifiable CPD points relate to subject matter that is not contained in the NQF 4 & 5 qualifications.  All agents other than intern agents must accrue 15 non verifiable CPD points over a three year rolling cycle, 5 CPD points per annum, from a maximum of three out of the five categories.

The five available categories are:

As an example if you choose all 5 courses in the Professional development category in a year, you will not be able to choose any further courses in that category for the balance of the 3 year cycle.  Each hour of studying equals one CPD point.  Our non-verifiable courses are an hour in duration.

PropAcademy has designed step-by-step e-Learning courses to help you achieve your CPD points at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or office.These courses are made up of videos, written material, webinars and multiple choice questions.  Once you receive a 70% pass mark, you will then be awarded with a certificate for each course passed.  We also offer face-2-face CPD lectures for your convenience which are listed on our Events Calendar.

We have a professional team of real estate and education experts who are continuously developing exciting new courses that will be added to the list of courses below – keep watching this space, or click here to be added to our mailing list to be notified of new updates.