Personal Development in the Non-Verifiable CPD Category

We offer a selection of non-verifiable CPD courses in the Personal Development category for estate agents in South Africa.

Personal development relates to activities that contribute to the development of knowledge and skills which might not be directly related to property and estate agencies but that will grow the real estate agent as a person, professional practitioner and sector leader.

These short courses can easily be completed online in a relatively short amount of time, and will earn you 1 CPD point in the non-verifiable personal development category.

Click on one of the courses below to learn more about the course and how it can broaden your skills as a real estate agent.

Personal Development CPD Courses

R280 ex VAT
Successful Goal Setting CPD Course

Successful Goal Setting Non-Verifiable CPD Course

Goal setting is easy enough to do, but how many people set goals and never achieve them? This course will show you how to set your goal and then let you understand the tools that you need to implement to ensure that your goal is achieved.

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R280 ex VAT
Success is Acheivable CPD Course

Success is Achievable Non-Verifiable CPD Course

This online non-verifiable CPD course covers the decisions a winner makes to win and achieve pre-set goals. The course includes video, supporting reading material and a multiple choice quiz, and will earn you 1 point in the Personal Development category.

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R280 ex VAT
Time Management Course

Time Management Non Verifiable CPD Course

In this online Time Management CPD Course you will learn the ten golden rules of time management applicable to the real estate industry, as well as how to manage your clients, your staff and yourself. The course will earn you 1 CPD Point in the personal development category.

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For more information on the CPD requirements set out by the EAAB, and the number of points you need to earn annually, please visit our CPD Courses page.