Professional Development in the Non-Verifiable CPD Category

Achieve your annual CPD point quota by enrolling in one of our non-verifiable CPD courses in the Professional Development category.

Professional development includes activities that contribute towards your development as a practitioner in relation to the estate agency and property sectors.

These short Professional Development CPD Courses for estate agents in South Africa can easily be completed online in a relatively short amount of time, and will earn you 1 CPD point in the non-verifiable professional development category.

Click on one of the courses below to learn more about the course and how it can help you become a better real estate agent.

Professional Development CPD Courses

R280 ex VAT
Wills & Deceased Estates CPD Course

Wills & Deceased Estates Non-Verifiable CPD Course

Selling properties held in deceased estates is common practice for the estate agent. This course will empower you to be able to easily explain the process to your buyer and seller, earning you their trust, and ensuring that your sale proceeds smoothly.

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R280 ex VAT
Performance Appraisals CPD Real Estate Course

Performance Appraisals Non-Verifiable CPD Course

Don’t lose sight of the benefits your estate agency will gain from conducting regular performance appraisals with both your agents and employees. They can help foster communication, engage employees and agents, and develop strong performers.

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R280 ex VAT
Write Your Own Cheque CPD Course

Write Your Own Cheque Non-Verifiable CPD Course

This online course highlights the importance of setting targets in your business life. Once targets are set they have to be continually monitored and Errol van Heerden has some wonderful tips on how to keep focussed, no matter what.

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For more information on the CPD requirements set out by the EAAB, and the number of points you need to earn annually, please visit our CPD Courses page.