Reading and Publishing in the Non-Verifiable CPD Category

Enroll in one of our non-verifiable CPD courses in the Reading and Publishing category to achieve your annual CPD points quota as required by the EAAB.

Reading and publishing includes the reading of appropriate and relevant estate agency related articles in magazines, scholarly journals, industry magazines, books and credible websites.  It also includes the publishing of articles in the same sources.

These easy Reading and Publishing CPD Courses for estate agents in South Africa can be completed online in a relatively short amount of time, and will earn you 1 CPD point in the non-verifiable Reading & Publishing category.

Click on one of the courses below to learn more about the course and how it can help you become a well informed and successful real estate agent.

Reading and Publishing CPD Courses

R280 ex VAT
Social Media & Branding CPD Course

Social Media & Branding Non-Verifiable CPD Course

In this short CPD course, you will learn how you and your business can benefit from being able to correctly and effectively advertise your business on social media. You will also undertand how good branding promotes your real estate business.

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R280 ex VAT
How to Negotiate CPD Course

How to Negotiate Non-Verifiable CPD Course

This amazing CPD course is Harvard Business Review at its best! The course will teach you the valuable skills of negotiating a deal, and if put into practice in the real estate field, will ensure your success as an estate agent. This easy online course is a must for every real estate practitioner in South Africa.

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R280 ex VAT
Make Stress Work for You CPD Course

Make Stress Work for You Non-Verifiable CPD Course

Course includes 9 articles by Harvard Business Review and one by Dr M Lamb. The content is authentic and interesting, giving you a good understanding of how to manage stress in all aspects of your life, and how to detect and manage it in your co-workers.

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For more information on the CPD requirements set out by the EAAB, and the number of points you need to earn annually, please visit our CPD Courses page.