Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the correct procedure when I want to become an Estate agent?

You must first apply for internship at a real estate agency firm.

How long is the internship?

It takes 12 uninterrupted months to complete during which period you complete an Intern Logbook Portfolio of Evidence (PoE), showing that you have been active in the field and have acquired knowledge of real estate.

Can I complete this online?

The training material will be available online for you to complete, however the purpose of the internship is to give you hands on training in the workplace under the mentorship of a principal agent, or a full status agent who has been qualified for at least three years. All the collected information you acquire during your training must be filed in your PoE.

After my internship am I a qualified agent?

No. You will remain an intern agent until you have been found competent in your Professional Designation Exam Level (PDE) 4 which is set by the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB). Prior to writing your PDE4 you must be found competent in your Further Education & Training: National Qualification Forum (NQF) Level 4 by Services SETA. Once you have your PDE4 you are then a full status agent and will then be able to put designation “Professional Practitioner in Real Estate” – PPRE, after your name.

Can I complete the qualification online?

Portions of the qualification are able to be submitted online for marking and checking. All your information acquired online must be printed and filed in your PoE which will be audited by the EAAB once complete.

What is the total cost?

A price list is available on request for the different qualifications, courses and lectures.

Will I need to travel to complete my final exams?

The EAAB sets the exam dates for the PDE 4 and PDE 5 exams which will be at a certain venue in each province. You will have to travel to your closest venue.

Do I need a matric?

In order to register for NQF 4 you must have a matric with maths. If you do not have maths, we will supply a maths course to exempt you from not having it in your matric certificate.

Can I study my internship abroad?

No. An internship must be completed in 12 consecutive months at an agency in South Africa.

Is full payment required upfront?

Price lists with payment plans are available on request.

Do I need a South African ID?

Yes, you will require a SA ID or have a residency visa.

What if my logbook gets stolen?

Your logbook becomes your PoE as you complete the courses and projects. If your logbook is missing then you must redo the entire logbook, so keep it locked up!

Do I need to provide a Fidelity Fund Certificate?

Yes, when you join the agency you will automatically apply for a fidelity fund certificate (FFC).

Am I allowed to sell a property while I am still studying?

Yes you may, however certain rules apply ie you must be in the presence of a full status agent who has been practicing as full status for 3 years, or in the presence of your principal. You may not make any alterations to the agreement or insert any clauses on your own. Your mentor must initial on your behalf.

How long does it take to get my certificate after completing the course?

Within 48 hours.

Can I further my studies with PropAcademy?

Yes. We offer courses to help set you up in the industry. We also offer CPD courses and lectures to keep you up to speed with the evolving industry and legislation.

Will I be a fully qualified Estate Agent once I receive my NQF 4 certificate?

No. You must then write your PDE EAAB exam to become a full status agent.

Am I too old to get my NQF 4 certificate?

There is no age restriction on any of the courses or qualifications in the real estate industry.

Do I need to complete 12 months of internship before registering to become an Estate agent?

No. You must first apply to the EAAB for your Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) and once received you begin your internship. Your FFC will state that you are an operating intern agent.

I have recognised qualifications, can I get an exemption?

You must complete the supplied exemption form to determine if you qualify for an exemption in part or whole. It is unlikely you will be exempt from your internship.

Why do I need to do my internship?

It is part of the process in becoming a full status agent or principal and gives a good base to your knowledge of the real estate industry.

What is a logbook?

A logbook is a PoE which must be kept for the EAAB to audit. Once they have audited it you can then write your FET: NQF Level 4/5 and PDE 4/5.

I’d like to purchase a course, what payment options do you offer?

You can purchase one of our online courses directly on our website. We accept credit or debit cards (VISA & MasterCard), MasterCard Mobile, MasterPass, PayD and EFT’s (Electronic Bank Transfers). Please visit our payment options page for more information on the payment options available.