Real Estate Podcasts for Estate Agents in South Africa

A collection of our favourite podcasts covering various topics related to the real estate industry such as real estate legislation and how it affects estate agents entering the property field and wanting to comply with regulations. We also discuss the implication of taking on a position as an estate agent, what is expected of you and what is expected of the agency employing you.

The Qualifications an Estate Agent in South Africa & Africa Must Have (Podcast)

Recorded: 7 May 2018 on Channel Africa

In this Podcast, PropAcademy, a leading accredited supplier of Real Estate courses discusses the need for training of estate agents in Africa and South Africa with Dineo Molomo on Channel Africa.

There is general mis-understanding with incoming estate agents as to what is expected of them and what is expected of the agency that they are employed by.  Janet Alexander irons out this confusion in a short informative interview – a “must listen to” for any person entering the property industry.

This podcast is specific to new estate agents entering the property industry.  It answers many questions such as “What education do I need to have to enter the industry”, “How long does this take, and can I use in in other countries”, “how do I get a mentor and how much must I pay that mentor”.  All important factors that one must know to ensure success in the industry.  The podcast will take you 35 minutes to listen to and will clear up all those small unknowns that crop up throughout your internship as an agent.

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