Pre Audit Evaluation Service

Are you ready for the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (previously the EAAB) audit?  PropAcademy can assist.

The Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority is conducting audits of all agencies to determine whether they have applied recent legislation to their business and are adhering to all aspects of the Estate Agents Affairs Act and The Property Practitioners Act 22 of 2019.

PropAcademy has introduced an innovative service to help estate agents/property practitioners to ensure that their agency is compliant an thus minimise the risk of the agency, principal and agents being fined, and the business being closed.

Over 60’s Exemption PoE

If you are 60 years of age or older and have had your Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority Fidelity Fund Certificate for more than 5 consecutive years, and currently hold your valid Fidelity Fund Certificate, then you may be exempt from certain qualifications.

For more information, click here for “Over 60 years of Age Policy” by the Authority. You need to scroll down and download the document for instructions.

Go to Over 60’s Exemption PoE

Over 60’s Exemption PoE

Dealing with Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (previously EAAB) Matters

Are you spending an enormous amount of time and effort trying to finalise documentation and queries with The Authority?  Let us help you.

PropAcademy has a dedicated representative in the offices of The Authority in Sandton who will take this burden off your shoulders.  Thus, saving you time, money and inconvenience and allowing you to get on with what really matters – your business.