Real Estate Agent Professional Designations in South Africa

Which Professional Designation should I be using?

The professional designations that may be used by qualifying estate agents

Below is a list of the designations set out by The Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB).

In addition to the below, there are restrictions to using these designations:

  • you must have a valid fidelity fund certificate, and
  • you must have passed the required exam.

If you were granted exemption against the PDE, you may not use the designation. You may, however, elect to write the exam should you wish to earn the entitlement.


You may use this designation if you have passed the PDE 4.


You may use this designation if you have passed your PDE 5.


If you have passed both the PDE 4 and PDE 5, then you may use both designations.

Referring to practice note ETD01/2013 effective as from 19 March 2013.

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