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Candidate Process

All candidate property practitioners registered with an FFC before 1 July 2024 must adhere to the 2008 Education and Training Regulation process. This includes completing a mandatory 12-month internship, obtaining the NQF4 qualification, and passing the PDE4 exam before being awarded property practitioner/non-principal status.

Candidate to Property Practitioner Infographic

NQF4 in Real Estate

3 Way to be Found Competent

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EAAB & CPD e-Learning Guide

The Authority CPD & e-Learning Guide

Download our free The Authority & SSETA Continual Professional Development (CPD) and e-Learning guide for property practitioners in South Africa. This guide helps you understand the step by step processes involved in registering for and completing your CPD verifiable and non-verifiable points.  It also shows you how to complete your verifiable e-Learning courses set by The Authority.

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The Authority & SSETA Qualifications Guide

The property industry is being professionalised, and The Authority has legislated that all property practitioners in the real estate industry must comply with set education standards. For an in-depth understanding of The Authority and SSETA regulations, download our free legislated qualifications guide for property practitioners. This guide includes an outline of the Property Practitioner Regulatory Authority (PPRA/The Authority) and Services SETA (SSETA) qualifications, how long it will take to complete the various legislated courses, and what could hold you up as you progress towards becoming a fully qualified property practitioner.

The Authority & Services SETA Qualification Process Infographic

To make it a little easier for you to keep track of the qualification process, we’ve put together this handy infographic which you are welcome to download, print and share. Click the image above to download and save it to your computer or print it out so you can refer to it at any time.

The Authority Professional Designation Examination Dates

If you are writing your PDE exam, ensure that you enrol in time for your exam date. To view these dates, download the link below.

The Authority Schedule of Fees

When you make any payments to The Authority it is vital that the payment is 100% correct. You need to ensure you use the correct bank account, as they have two. Also ensure the amount you are paying is correct (to the cent), and that each payment is made individually, do not make bulk payments. Lastly your payment reference must be your 7-digit FFC reference number.

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